9 year old trusted company into ad tech also working on VR, Gaming, Humanoid, Drones, Satellite

Zool has developed a state-of-the-art global ecosystem where you can securely and reliably get credits for advertising, food ordering, drones, agro exports, gaming, internet and more. Zool is also investing into mutiple startups to expand it's ecosystem.

At the end, Zool aims to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, that will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.


Finance lending to common user and Startups

1 million users around the globe will be faciliated with credit facility and startups will also be funded based on community voting.

Zool Internet Satellite

After successful drone ventures now Zool eyes on the Internet Satellite for gaming internet for reduced fees as compared to any other player in the market.

Zool Smart Chain (Currency)

One smart chain with more reliable and flexible features with reduced fees of transaction.


Zool Pay ecosystem to various products and services around the world would allow Zool Pay to become a direct rival to Google Pay



A Open Platform for our Participators

Get amazing returns on your investment into ZOY Tokens.

Zool Pay Token holders may avail Shariah based finance lending options. (Interest Free)

Our multi-cryptocurrency exchange and wallet will add more flexibity to traders and cross border money senders

Zool is developing dedicated 5G Internet Satellite (for gaming stadiums) in its own premises, and launch will happen via Space Agencies (the Indian government has announced the launch of 75 satellites soon in the upcoming space mission). The Zool Pay Token will also be accepted for gaming and internet applications. (Commences Early 2022)

Zool is expanding its ecosystem and investing into Crypto and Conventional Startups via decentralized voting process by Zool Pay Token Holders.

A Open Platform for our Traders

Each trader can avail the best features on Zool's upcoming crypto exchange.

Reduced transaction fees.

Zool's multi-cryptocurrency support on Wallet and Exchange.

Amazing returns of your purchases. Pre Sale Price Starts with USD 0.20 and ICO end price is fixed at USD 4.3 and after ICO, tokens will be added to exchanges.

All the other benefits of Zool Pay like Shariah based lending from Zool, etc.

Funding by Zool

Zool funding is primary based on financing 1 million users around the globe.

Powered by Shariah based DeFi, Zool funds your startups along with your advertising needs and more.

Current Platform will be upgraded and new features will be added. Users can apply for funding via their app.

Our multi-cryptocurrency wallet and exchange will allow all the users to directly buy/sell the tokens whenever needed.

Zool Pay Token holders will only get the features and benefits along with voting rights.

Zool will fund the startups via community voting process. Startups who hold Zool Pay token will only be considered.


Breakdown of Zool Pay Token Distribution.

Start Time

24 Oct, 2021

End Time

23 Sep, 2022

Token Name

Zool Pay

Token Symbol


Tokens Available

10 T

Soft Cap

6 M

Hard Cap

100 M




Zool is working on a global data-driven platform and ecosystem for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.


With our global team, contributors and investors we have achieved many milestones and looking forward for more.

Our Partners




Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Zool Pay Token?

Native token of Zool Ecosystem to avail finance. Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with FIAT, Etherum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

Zool Pay accepts all the major crypto currencies. It also accepts all major FIAT currencies.

Signup with us and verify your email address, once account is verified you can directly buy tokens from the dashboard. Minimum 100 tokens

Token is intended to get more valued in terms of price. Users can use the tokens in Zool ecosystem or hold it till the price is higher. Later it can be sold on exchanges.

How can a startup avail funding?

Only token holders with USD 5000 worth of Zool Pay Tokens can apply for the funding from Zool. If you have a ground breaking idea or existing company, funding will be provided for Pre Seed, Seed and Angel Category Only. Startups with scalability potential may apply. Investment will be done for equity.

Be a token holder for your deck to be considered. You also agree to accept Zool Pay Tokens for your product/services. Send your deck on support@zooladnetwork.com

Once your project is reviewed and considered by our officials, startup title will be added for community voting to get exposure.

Once the agreement is signed after the review process is complete.

What are the terms and conditions?

Zool will finance it's users, advertisers and startups.

Funding will be done in crypto tokens.

KYC is a must and your credit score will be verified.

60 days for users and for startups it may vary.

What is the benefit to the investors?

Get an opportunity to be a part of next big thing on internet. A single platform for investing to various ventures and get amazing returns with the power of crypto.

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